ATIAHARA - Excavations

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ATIAHARA - Excavators 2007- Daniela Serra

Cultural and Environmental Anthropologist
PhD student in Anthropology
Otago University
New Zealand

Daniela Serra, PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at Otago University. Daniela started work on her PhD in 2007 and her thesis is about the link between Traditional Ecological Knowledge of artisanal fishers (including communities in the indigenous Mapuche ethnic group) and the knowledge used by the government in the Management of Marine Resources in Chile. She believes that the emerging forms of Maori initiated and led regulation of marine resources in New Zealand offers a positive model for informing her work in Chile. Daniela has a background in Social Anthropology, with a special interest in environmental anthropology and in promoting transdisciplinary approaches to the examination of ecological issues. Daniela's research is supervised by Hugh Campbell and Chris Rosin.


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